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sensitive plant
جمعه 09 خرداد 1399
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In the name of GOD

Smog has injurious effects on sensitive plants and may ruins their leaves.

The tubular phloem cells are biochemically active.

In a tree, food is conducted in a special type of vessel in the bark.

Fertilizer requirements depend partly on the biochemistry on the plant.

Closest meaning of the words:

1. Conduct: carry: هدایت کردن

2. Interchange: exchange

3. flat: level

4. Excess: extra

5. Liable: desirable: قابل اطمینان

Meaning of a few correlate word:

Arise: بلند شدن

Abound: فراوان بودن

Leaf cells: سلول گیاهی

Calcium: کلسیم

Delay: تأخیر

Contribute: شرکت کردن در

Endosperm: within sperm

Exchange: out from change

Excess: out from cess

Interlocation: between location

Interconnect: among connect

Abnormal: away from normal

Counteract: against act

1. Plant root can't absorb nutrients in any form.

2. When in solution, nutrients contribute readily to plant growth.

It is not wise to give crop excessive nitrogen.

It is possible to supply organic matter by green manuring.

Sepals help to protect and support a flower.
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